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Hope Builders Ministries

Multiplying Disciples for Christ around the World

Multiplying Disciples for Christ around the World

Multiplying Disciples for Christ around the WorldMultiplying Disciples for Christ around the World

22,500 bibles to Mozambique

Excitement in the Air

Mozambique ranks near the top on a list of the world’s poorest countries. As a result, Christians struggle to come up with the resources to purchase them. Recently I had an opportunity to purchase 20,500 Portuguese Bibles through an evangelical publishing in Brazil known as Mundo Cristão. I purchased them at a very reasonable cost, less than half of what I would normally purchase them for in Mozambique. The Bibles are currently in route to their port destination of Nacala and are slated to arrive there on February the 22nd. The container will then be shipped by semi to the city of Nampula where distribution will begin in early March. A pastoral training will occur from March the 9th to the 13th at which time the Bible distribution will begin. There’s excitement in the air! Pics will be coming. 


Mozambique believers lead man in orange to Christ.

The Power of the Gospel

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Makua People - God's People

When a Missionary Church pastor from Michigan read about HBM’s calling in a Missionary Magazine article “The Harvest Machine,” he was struck by the multiplying factor it offered. Utilizing the Disciple Making Strategy HBM works together with indigenous ministries providing:

  • Bibles for Disciples
  • Pastoral Training and course materials
  • financial assistance for school, orphanage and church buildings
  • Assisting widows and orphans



Making Disciples

Pastor Gerald and his wife Miriam oversee the Disciple-Maker and Pastoral training programs, providing native-trained leaders to local churches in the communities Hope Builders serves. The DISCIPLE-Maker principles are taught following our Lord’s primary example of having three principal disciples (Peter, James and John). Assuming that each of these taught three other disciples – to total would make a group of 12 — if this 1-on-3 multiplier is carried to the forth generation (as seen in 2 Timothy 2:2 where the apostle Paul speaks of) the total gets to 120 — the exact number of disciples together directly after the assention of our Lord. 

The DM Program also serves as the "nursery" for potential pastor, evangelist and disciple-maker candidates. The pastors complete a further three-year Diploma in Ministry to ensure that they can teach, lead and nurture their congregations to spiritual maturity as they follow Christ and grow more witnesses to their communities. 


From 30 to 900 in 6 years and now 1,480 after another 8 years!

Today some 1,480 villages have a Bible-preaching, Evangelical church leaders trained in the multipying Disciple-Maker system serving the Makua people, until recently one of the biggest, "less reached people groups" in Africa.

By God's GRACE, Hope Builders Ministries has seen sustained growth in this hard to reach part of Mozambique. Faithful Makua Pastors are the only Missionaries training the Disciple-Maker and the Pastoral Training programs.

Sponsors for the printing and distribution materials are urgently needed.


Making Disciples in Prisons

Mechaq, Osvaldo and Lawrence serve under difficult circumstances, yet they are faithfully executing their callings. In twelve prisons where shorter-term inmates guilty of “less serious crimes” are incarcerated, the Disciple-Maker Program is proving to be more than successful – in many 100% of the inmates have received God’s forgiveness as they stepped into a relationship with Jesus. The wardens at all of these prisons have reported such drastic reductions in bad inmate behavior that the Central Government took notice. Hope Builders has been invited to expand into as many prisons as possible. Another exciting aspect is that when the inmates return to their villages after release, they begin Discipleship groups there.

Inmates expend a lot of their energy in the vegetable gardens inside the perimeter walls (organized by our Missionaries) where Hope Builders supplies good seed, fertilizer and some (non-sharp) tools which helps with feeding the inmates at the same time as it provides training on good agricultural practises.