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Hope Builders Ministries

Multiplying Disciples for Christ around the World

Multiplying Disciples for Christ around the World

Multiplying Disciples for Christ around the WorldMultiplying Disciples for Christ around the World

Support Indigenous Missions in India

Partner with Indigenous Missions in


$5000 is needed to facilitate mission training outreach in Bangladesh by Brother Prabhu from India. He will conduct two seminars besides the personal training of HBM Bangladesh Missionary Gazi.



India is Closing Fast - Pray

1.3 BILLION Souls
80% Hindu/14% Islam
2500+ People Groups
456 Languages
330 MILLION Deities

2.3% Christians/less than 1/2 Evangelical

Politically India is becoming more closed to those who do not uphold the Hindu tradition. More Christians are being persecuted as radicals become emboldened by officials allowing it. But the Gospel of Jesus Christ continues as Indian believers LOVE their neighbor and their enemies. Romans 1:16 reminds all that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is powerful to save whoever will believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. 

"I AM the way, the truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." John 14:6

The greatest need for the indigenous Evangelical Church in India to be an effective witness is the same as any where on earth. 

They need to KNOW the Word of God, so that they can live out the Truth in the midst of idolatry. 


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6000+ pastors receiving HBM Bible Training in "1 on 3" Disciple Making Groups, seminars and online lessons.

3000 young men and women evangelists being sent out to boldly share the Gospel of the Kingdom of Christ.

30,000+ Church members being challenged to be Disciple Makers with their family and friends and neighbors.


Partnering with the Church in India

Hope Builders Ministries' mission is to partner with indigenous missionaries who will carry the saving grace Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the thousands villages and plant churches and teach them to "make disciples" and reach millions of others for Christ in India.

HBM also provides Bibles, bicycles and other resources for pastors and their churches helping them to GO and evangelize their people, Baptizing them into the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ and TEACH them all that the Lord has taught us in the WORD of GOD.

When pastors are equipped in the Word of God and encouraged to make their church members into disciples of Jesus Christ the believers are empowered to boldly proclaim Christ with their families and neighbors.  They become Ambassadors with a ministry and message 

(2 Corinthians 5:17-21).

Indian Christians

Pray for INDIA

Native Christians know the culture and the languages and are best able to bring a clear Gospel message to their own people groups when they know the Word of God. They can communicate in word and life what the ONE true God of Heaven is saying to mankind so that they can be saved from His wrath against sin and the sinner.

Hope Builders Ministries is partnered directly with two native directors working in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana with less than 3% of the 85 million population being Christian and even less who are evangelical.

Through your partnership HBM India provides vital support to these two men and their families enabling them to travel extensively to rural remote Christian Churches.


India for Jesus Christ

Check out this great video of the work in India. PRAY for our partners in India.