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Hope Builders Ministries shares
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The things you have heard from me...
entrust to faithful men who will teach others...

2 Timothy 2:2

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Our Mission

Equipping Disciples

HBM's primary mission is to equip the indigenous missions church in Africa and India with the Word of God. This means providing Bibles and Bible study materials for Christian Pastors and teachers to GROW in the Word of God and to be disciple makers. christian missions

Make Disciples
Pastor Daka teaching the Word in Bemba and Pastor Simon translating to Lambya

Empowering Disciples

HBM empowers local indigenous Christians to be the missionaries in their communities. They know the language or languages and the culture where they live, work and play. They can communicate the powerful Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that relates to those around them. This enables listen to hear clearly the message of a victorious,  eternal life.

The local church is the best mission agency sending out their people into the local fields that are ready to harvest. 

Mark 9:37-38, Acts 1:8

Make Disciples
Teaching the Disciple Makers Program in India

Encouraging Disciples

HBM is a partner with the indigenous church in six countries in Africa and two states in India. The partnership encourages the local Churches to make disciples in obedience to the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Make Disciples

A Word from Johan

Hope Builders Ministries is a WORD focused mission. The goal is to train indigenous men and women in the Word of God so that they can share the eternal life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ with their communities.

Who We Are

Global Mission

Hope  Builders Ministries' (HBM) global mission is to reach the world for  Jesus Christ in fulfillment of our Lord's Great Commission (Matthew  28:19-20). Since 2001, HBM has instructed over 25,000 Christian  leaders to faithfullly create disciple-makers in their own communities,  distributing over 600,000 Bibles to Christ's disciples in many  countries. 



Our  primary strategy involves partnering with indigenous believers who are uniquely gifted, speaking the local languages,
understanding the culture 

and being accepted as leaders within their communities,
in order to reach their  own people groups with the Good News, 
the free gift of Eternal Life in  the Lord Jesus Christ 

(Acts 1:8). 

Partner with HBM

Mission Focus


Our  program is focused on equipping, empowering and encouraging faithful  Christian leaders in Africa and India. It has achieved results that are  well beyond our own expectations and can only be attributed to God's  great grace. 

In Africa, HBM  is currently working in Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, the  Democratic Republic of the Congo.

In India we are in Andhra Pradesh  and Telangana.  

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