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  • Hope Builders Ministries shares the love of Jesus Christ.

    The things you have heard from me..., entrust to faithful men who will teach others...

    2 Timothy 2:2

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    Our Mission

    Equipping Disciples

    HBM's primary mission is to equip the indigenous missions church in Africa and India with the Word of God. This means providing Bibles and Bible study materials for Christian Pastors and teachers to GROW in the Word of God and to be disciple makers. christian missions

    Empowering Disciples

    HBM empowers local indigenous Christians to be the missionaries in their communities. They know the language or languages and the culture where they live, work and play. They can communicate the powerful Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that relates to those around them. This enables listen to hear clearly the message of a victorious,  eternal life.

    The local church is the best mission agency sending out their people into the local fields that are ready to harvest. 

    Mark 9:37-38, Acts 1:8

    Encouraging Disciples

    HBM is a partner with the indigenous church in six countries in Africa and two states in India. The partnership encourages the local Churches to make disciples in obedience to the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    A Word from Johan

    Hope Builders Ministries is a WORD focused mission. The goal is to train indigenous men and women in the Word of God so that they can share the eternal life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ with their communities.

    Who We Are

    Global Mission

    Hope  Builders Ministries' (HBM) global mission is to reach the world for  Jesus Christ in fulfillment of our Lord's Great Commission (Matthew  28:19-20). Since 2001, HBM has instructed over 25,000 Christian  leaders to faithfullly create disciple-makers in their own communities,  distributing over 600,000 Bibles to Christ's disciples in many  countries. 



    Our  primary strategy involves

    partnering with indigenous believers who are uniquely gifted, speaking the local languages, understanding the culture 

    and being accepted as leaders within their communities, to reach their  own people groups with the Good News, the free gift, Eternal Life in  the Lord Jesus Christ 

    (Acts 1:8). 

    Mission Focus


    Our  program is focused on equipping, empowering and encouraging faithful  Christian leaders in Africa and India. It has achieved results that are  well beyond our own expectations and can only be attributed to God's  great grace. 

    In Africa, HBM  is currently working in Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, the  Democratic Republic of the Congo.

    In India we are in Andhra Pradesh  and Telangana.  


    HBM's Beginnings

    Hope Builders Ministries (HBM) developed from The Calling (2 Timothy 2:2) received by four men working with Open Doors in Southern Africa in 1984. Project Timothy was begun to address the acute shortage of pastors in Mozambique. That country's on-going civil war had impoverished it to "poorest country in the world" status. Pastors had been specifically targeted because they " had control over people". Able bodied men potentially are fighters for one of the armies.

    Project Timothy later became Timothy Training Institute as it grew into an independent ministry in 1990 and spread to all the countries Hope Builders Ministries reaches today. The HBM program has since been adjusted to accommodate the needs of the constituency we have been called to serve -- the "bush" of rural Africa where virtually nobody provides the training or "tools" for indigenous leaders to EFFECTIVELY reach their own people for Christ.

    In 2001 Hope Builders was established in the US to partner with these indigenous ministries as the projects grew. Over 11,000 village churches have been planted in eight African countries since 2001. HBM has enrolled pastoral leaders in a three-year Pastors' Training Program, a diploma course completed by 25,000 graduates (over and above the 13,000 students served between 1985 and 2001 by Timothy Training Institute).

    Through the Bibles for Disciples program, nearly 600,000 Bibles have been distributed to faithful disciples through a network of indigenous partner churches (many in their native languages).

    Through Dignity Projects thousands of orphans have received sustained material and spiritual care while hundreds of widows have been trained and equipped to care for these orphans. 

    This is done in their local churches, under the supervision of the local Pastor.

    Bibles, bicycles, motorcycles, evangelism tracts, Jesus Film kits, thousands of study modules, vegetable seed and garden tools are some of the gifts referred to as "tools" provided by our donors who partner with us to serve thousands of people who are hungry for the Word of God.

    If you delight in the idea of rapidly winning whole communities to Christ in rural areas of Africa and India, we invite you to join us in this exciting and fruitful ministry!

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    2017 Financial Report

    The Team

    Johan Gous | HBM President

    Johan  is the founder and president of HBM. He began ministry in 1976 working with Brother Andrew of Open Doors assisting in serving the persecuted church. 

    Johan's primary vision is to mobilize making disciples for Jesus Christ.

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    Jeff and Lou Ann Hawkins

    Jeff and Lou Ann Hawkins with Hope Builders Ministries Zambia and india

    Jeff ahd Lou Ann have been involved with HBM since 2003 when they met Johan Gous in Eastern Kentucky while pastoring small rural churches.
    Since 2007 Jeff has worked with HBM organizing  pastoral training and the administration of the mission in Zambia and India.

    Jeff also serves on the HBM Board of Directors.

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    Blaine and Anna Hooper

    Blaine and Anna Hooper serve HBM as coordinator of the DRCongo ministry and US Representative

    Blaine joined HBM after he served as an officer in the military and graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary. 

    Anna is a school teacher. Their passion is to bring glory to God by making mature disciples of Jesus Christ. 

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    Allan and Delphine Ilunga

    Allan and Delpine were both born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

    After becoming a US citizen and receiving a masters in divinity Allan has move back to Africa to lead the HBM mission to the DRC. 

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    Carl and Ilne Paalman

    Paalman Family

    Carl and Ilne Paalman with their four children- Rashelle, Tim, Simon and Isabel serve in the Mazabuka district in Zambia. They have been following the call of God in many places: first to Mercy Ships in West Africa, then...

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    Steve and Janet Slater

    Steve and Janet retired from the pastorate after 25 years of service in the local church and joined HBM full-time in 2018. 

    He is the  senior pastoral trainer in Zambia

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    Gerald and Miriam Steele

    Missionaries to the nations for over four decades, 

    the Steeles have served in Brazil, Portugal and Mozambique. 

    A disciple making movement was launched among the Makua People of Mozambique in 2006 resulting in thousands of salvations and 1000 churches planted. 

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    Mike and Dora Sutcliffe

    Mike and Dora joined HBM in 2018. 

    Mike is the Social Media and Website developer. 

    He is charged with raising awareness of the mission of HBM and developing new contacts via the world wide web. 

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    Lida Gous | Admin Assistant

    Lida has been a vital part of HBM from its inception. In addition being Johan's wife and managing the HBM home office she is an active speaker and teacher with the Disciple Makers Program involved in the training of the wives of pastors and church leaders.

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    David Valcich

    David has joined the HBM Team representing the mission on college campuses. He advocates for Indigenous Missions and presents the "1 on 3" disciple making strrategy to ministry groups.  He is passionate about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the coming Kingdom of God. 

    Watch David's Video Testimony

    Dana Andrychen

    Dana is the HBM accountant. She has been with Hope Builders since 2004. She is part of the administrative staff behind the scenes keeping the books, overseeing the annual audit, database administration, maintaining compliance with HBM affiliates as well as financial reporting to the HBM Board of Directors.

    Board of Directors

    HBM is a 501c3 nonprofit mission organization overseen by a Board of Directors. 

    What HBM Believes

    The Bible is God's Word

    The Bible is the inspired and only infallible and authoritative Word of God and God's revelation to mankind. God has revealed Himself to all through His Creation, the human conscience and His written Word, the Bible. The Bible is the declaration of God's ultimate Revelation, the Living Word, the LORD Jesus Christ.

    There is ONE God in THREE Persons

    There is One, Eternal Lord God Almighty, the Creator of all things  and therefore the Sovereign Ruler over all things, visible and invisible, Who is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit .

    The LORD Jesus Christ is God

    The Lord Jesus Christ is God, the Word made flesh. He is the Son of God, born of a virgin. He  lived a sinless life and performed miracles proving His diety. Therefore, being uniquely qualified, He died for the sins of all mankind and rose bodily from the grave ascending to the right hand of the Throne of God the Father where He now intercedes for all who call upon His Name. HE is presently waiting to return to this present earth to establish the Kingdom of God and reign as the King of kings and Lord of lords.

    The Dignity and Death of Man

    God created man in His image giving all men value and dignity, but because of sin mankind is alienated from God and dies. Everyone needs salvation from sin and eternal death. God has restored man's dignity and provided for man's full salvation in the Man, the Lord Jesus Christ/Messiah. 

    The Good News of the LORD Jesus Christ

    The good news is that Jesus Christ has paid the penalty of sin for all mankind by  dying in man's place. This is the one and only message all people must hear and believe in order to be saved from the wrath of God, eternal death. It is the MISSION of the Church to declare this good news and make disciples of all people. 

    Salvation from the penalty, power and presence of sin is by faith alone (not works) in the LORD Jesus Christ.

    The indwelling of the Holy Spirit is the gift of God at the moment of salvation giving believers the power to live as Christ's Ambassadors (ministers with a message) of reconciliation to the world. 

    It is by the Holy Spirit that believers are enabled to walk in a manner worthy (holy) of the high calling to be sons and daughters of the Kingdom.  

    The Kingdom of God

    The Lord Jesus Christ is coming again to establish God's Kingdom on earth to reign with His people for all eternity. 

    Today all are called to enter into this Kingdom by being born again through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Everyone will rise from the dead. All those who believe in the Son of God,  the Lord Jesus Christ, will be raised to eternal life. All those who do not believe in the Son of God are condemned to eternal death, the Lake of Fire.