Bibles for Disciples

Bibles for Disicples

HBM is serving the critical GLOBAL need for BIBLES

Since 2001, in response to the Great Commission the HBM mission has bought and delivered over 650,000 Bibles for Indigenous Christian disciples in Africa and India.

Our mission, Bibles for Disciples, is working to bring the most basic element of our faith, the BIBLE, into the hands of Pastors, Leaders and Disciple-Makers, as well as new believers in Jesus Christ who desperately want to learn and grow in the Faith. Every Bible placed in the hands of a Disciple-Maker impacts, on average, the lives of 20 other believers.

Because "heart language" learning is so prevalent in Africa, the Bibles needed are supplied in English, French, Portugese, as well as 14 local languages. 

In India HINDI is the national language of 256  languages spoken nationally. 

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With your regular participation, we can equip hundreds of thousands more disciples with desperately needed Bibles.

Your Gifts enable HBM to BUY and DELIVER Bibles to disciples of Jesus Christ in the village where they live.


Give Bibles. Give Life