Hope Builders Ministries

Hope Builders Ministries (HBM) developed from The Calling (2 Timothy 2:2) received by four men working with Open Doors in Southern Africa in 1984. Project Timothy was begun to address the acute shortage of pastors in Mozambique. That country's on-going civil war had impoverished it to "poorest country in the world" status. Pastors had been specifically targeted because they " had control over people". Able bodied men potentially are fighters for one of the armies. 

Fellowships of Hope

Christians in America have found a new way to promote their faith: by privately meeting in each other's homes. The movement of people to house churches has been fueled by many different social factors, such as health, schedules, and need for community.
Some of the poorest countries in the world have some of the best churches. HBM's ministry in Africa has shown that a hub house church model can change the lives of individuals and communities. We hope to show that it is just as powerful in America.

Ambassadors of Hope

Equipping the saints for their works of ministry is the key scripture fro the Ambassadors of HOPE training program.
Do you feel God's call to ministry upon your life?
For the past two decades, beginning with the Disciple Makers Program, HBM has effectively trained pastors to be disciple makers who multiply.  Now you can earn your Certificate of Ministry through the AOH program. Ambasadors of HOPE is affordable and self-paced, and encourages you to put your education into immediate use, equipping you to advance the Gospel of Christ in your community through the Great Commission.