​The Pastoral and Disciple-Maker Program (DMP) courses are run by both our trainers, but each has a slightly different focus on ministry. The students-in-training with Pastor Tafara focus on "Bicycle Evangelism and Discipleship.” There are many small villages with no pastor or church. To serve such communities, the bicycle MENTORS are deployed with great impact and success.

Pastor Knowledge has developed a unique niche activity at church "revivals" and "outreaches.” He has contacted all the churches in his region offering the "Crusade Catchers" (Disciple Makers from his congregation) to do the follow-up mentoring with new believers who have stepped into a relationship of faith with Jesus Christ. This has turned out to be a very powerful way of reaching the communities where the outreaches are organized. Many of the churches have now asked for their second-tier leaders to be trained in the DMP.


​Bringing the Gospel message to school children has been Loveness' passion for many years. She is a successful Evangelist and has mentored many YOUTH leaders to follow Jesus into a ministry calling. Hope Builders is happy to participate in realizing the Vision she had of "reaching the next generation for Christ.” While presenting Bible classes at schools that invited her to continue after the "Children Harvest" program came to an end, she became aware of a way in which she could use the Disciple-Maker Program effectively by partnering with two other forces in the lives of the children, thereby incredibly enhancing the impact towards reaching the next generation for Christ: Christian Teachers and believing Parents. As these three forces inside the school are equipped and empowered by Loveness, the rate at which young people are turning to Christ is in direct proportion to this team of "Disciple-Makers" sharing their faith. Hope Builders is working to make this a reproducible model to implement in other countries also. Your help in this project will have far-reaching consequences.