Famine caused by prolonged droughts, followed by great floods have again left the people of Malawi back in the position they have unfortunately become accustomed to - the poorest country in the region by “some estimates, in the world.”




          This situation has negatively impacted our work. With people, including our students, moving to places where they could find food, etc our training classes were dispersed and therefore had to close until they return to their former homes. Trainees are however continuing to witness for the Lord in their new locations.



Pastor Moses is "soldiering on" with his 60 students in the Pastoral training classes. They are taught to serve and grow their churches, using the multiplying principles of the Disciple-Maker Program (DMP). By equipping the congregational leaders with Discipling skills the Body of Christ is served and grown.   

You can help us regrow this Ministry by setting up new classes to meet the needs of rural church leaders who serve their communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.