The Makua Peoples of Northern Mozambique: 

When a Missionary Church pastor from Michigan read about HBM’s calling in a Missionary Magazine article “The Harvest Machine,” he was struck by the multiplying factor it offered. He was greatly saddened that our resources took us only as far as the Zambezi River in Mozambique; his love for the Makua peoples (further north) for whom he had been praying for 13 years compelled him to contact HBM.  Together we were able to reach out to the Makua in a meaningful way through the Disciple-Making Strategy.

Today some 900 villages have a Bible-believing Evangelical Church with a leader-in-training serving the community.

Pastor Gerald, the above-mentioned burdened pastor, and his wife Miriam oversee the Disciple-Maker and Pastoral training programs, providing native-trained leaders in the communities Hope Builders serves. The DISCIPLE-Makers’ principles are taught following our Lord’s primary example of having three principal Disciples (Peter, James and John). We assume that each of these taught three other Disciples – making the group of 12. Once the DM training is completed, qualified men are selected to be pastors, evangelists and church planters. The pastors complete a further three-year Diploma in Ministry to ensure that they can reach, lead and nurture their congregations to spiritual maturity as they follow Christ and grow as witnesses to their communities. 

Hope Builders Ministries provides the training materials for the Disciple-Maker and the Pastoral Training programs.

Sponsors for the printing and distribution of the materials are urgently needed.


Prison Ministry:

Mechaq, Osvaldo and Lawrence serve under difficult circumstances, yet they are faithfully executing their callings. In twelve prisons where shorter-term inmates guilty of “less serious crimes” are incarcerated, the Disciple-Maker Program is proving to be more than successful – in many 100% of the inmates have received God’s forgiveness as they stepped into a relationship with Jesus. The wardens of all these prisons have reported such drastic reductions in bad inmate behavior that the Central Government took notice, inviting us to expand into as many prisons as possible. Another exciting aspect is that when the inmates return to their villages after release, they begin Discipleship groups there.