Saturday, March 25th, 2017


Dem. Republic of the Congo

Presently HBM is working in the southern regions of the DRC bordering Zambia. 50 pastors are in training with hundreds waiting to join in the training as the materials are provided.

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A land with over 1.3 BILLION souls living in an area one-third the size of the United States. It has over 2500 different people groups speaking 456 different languages. 85% of the country is Hindu worshiping thousands upon thousands of gods. It is estimated that there are approximately 30,000,000 Christians...

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Many times people asked me questions about Jesus and I tried to answer but I was not confident that my answers were really correct. After training everything has changed. I read my Bible with new understanding; preach with confidence and lead my congregation in being obedient to God...

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This is one of our oldest ministry fields but because for many years it had been the poorest country in the world (25 years of civil war), very low literacy rates and non-English speaking people, progress has been slower than in many countries in the region. However, in the last...

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Located in the center of Sub-Sahara Africa, Zambia is the size of Texas, half the size of Europe and the home of over 15 million souls, speaking 72 different languages, land locked by 8 other countries, and hungry for the Word of God. It is the home of one of...

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For many years cooperation with “foreign missionaries” was not only discouraged but at times prohibited. During this entire time we maintained strong relationships with a number of core leaders through whom ministry to their own people was directed. A development that took us all by surprise was when the Zimbabwean...

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