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Multiplying Disciples for Christ around the World

Multiplying Disciples for Christ around the World

Multiplying Disciples for Christ around the WorldMultiplying Disciples for Christ around the WorldMultiplying Disciples for Christ around the World

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Mike and Dora Sutcliffe are  missionaries with www.hbmin.org representing the mission in the USA

The Sutcliffe Family

The Sutcliffe's Story


After over 30 years of rejecting the Gospel, Mike, through the work of the Holy Spirit accepted Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior in January 2005.

At the time, Mike was a successful store manager in big box retail, a single father and found his life falling apart. Twelve men, most of whom Mike did not know committed to praying for Mike’s salvation for an entire year. The Holy Spirit answered their prayers and in January of 2005 Mike found himself faced with a need to change due to several personal situations in his home. 

Seeking help, he headed to the local bookstore, but the Holy Spirit had a different plan in mind. Guided to a nearby church, Mike met Pastor Howard Duncan who spent the next few hours introducing him to the Gospel and Jesus Christ. By the end of the day, Mike knew he could never go back to the life he once knew and dedicated his life to living for Christ in the future with as much zeal and passion as he had lived his life against Christ in the past.

What Mike did not know was at the same time he was trusting his eternal life to Jesus Christ, Dora a single mother he had never met, but would someday marry, was at that same time petitioning the LORD to prepare her future husband

For the next 18 months, Mike was discipled weekly by Pastor Howard. During this time Mike was baptized and began to share the gospel with his family, co-workers, neighbors and strangers. Mike gathered together 40 Christians from 5 states and began visiting the homeless in Chicago, delivering Bibles and needed supplies and then praying with those on the streets.

In February 2006 Mike met Dora and the two quickly fell in love and the two were married in June 2006. Between them they had three children and were committed to teaching them about Jesus, growing their faith and serving the LORD wherever he led them.

In the summer of 2007, Mike and Dora travelled with 40 people from their church to Malawi, Africa on a short-term mission to build a school. This mission trip, their time in Africa and the people of Malawi had a long-lasting effect on the couple.

  • After returning home, they decided to add to their family and today have five children. 
  • Mike has changed careers a few times trying to find the place where the LORD wants him to be. He is no longer in retail management, and now works from home as a part-time insurance agent while homeschooling their two youngest children. In addition to this Mike leads the Men’s ministry, Awana program, and Food pantry at Fellowship Church of Carol Stream. In the summer of 2018, Mike will be ordained as a pastor.
  • Dora continues her career in the banking industry and serves as a volunteer in several ministries; Worship team, Children’s ministry, Prayer team, a local Homeschool group and she mentors other ladies in the area.
  • The Sutcliffe’s have used their home to host at-risk children for short term stays. 

Mike joined Hope Builders Ministries in 2018 after meeting with Johan Gous. Mike’s focus is on Social Media communication and engaging the church in America to partner with Hope Builders Ministries to Make Disciples.