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Hope Builders Ministries

Multiplying Disciples for Christ around the World

Multiplying Disciples for Christ around the World

Multiplying Disciples for Christ around the WorldMultiplying Disciples for Christ around the World

Pastoral Training Program

Training the Trainers

HBM trains pastors to develop their church members into Disciple-Makers, "to equip the saints for the work of ministry" (Ephesians 4:11ff). Church Leaders who complete the 6 month Disciple Makers Program (DMP) and implement it into their own churches are eligible to take a 3 year bible training course from Hope Builders Ministries, the Pastoral Training Program (PTP). Any man who has completed the DMP, is called to pastor as acknowledged by his church leadership and meets Biblical qualifications (1 Timothy) can also join the PTP. The PTP utilizes the same 1 on 3 principle to train pastors. HBM shares the cost of the training material with the students. 12 Training manuals plus a study Bible costs $75. Each student is required to buy their own manuals and a Bible at $5 per quarter. They are also encouraged to bless their discipler Disciple-maker as they are led. Over the course of their training they will also be encouraged to attend seminars taught by local pastors and pastors from the USA. 


Equipping faithful pastors to disciples others and their churches is the HBM strategy to rapidly saturate entire communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As the local church grows as it reaches out to the whole community and surrounding communities with the precious Name of Jesus. 

Get Involved

Pastoral training is about "training the trainers." HBM comes alongside indigenous leaders to help  them to equip their congregations to be followers of Christ who reproduce other disciples. 

Course materials and  training conferences are needed to facilitate this part of the mission.

You become part of the disciple making process when you support HBM pastoral training and disciple making.