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The Dignity Project in Zambia is  a ministry of HBM Zambia coordinating with the local HBMZ pastors. The local church pastor and congregation bring orphans and widows together. The widow becomes the mother and caregiver to the orphans assigned to her. HBMZ Dignity Project provides funds to build a home, plant a garden and provide clothing and schooling for the children. Supporting widows who become mothers to these children provides a loving Christian enviroment for everyone and it restores their "dignity" in a culture that neglects widows and orphans.

The vision is that each "home" become self-reliant within a year through the garden project each is provided.

At present HBMZ is helping orphans in Isoka (Simon Mulenga - 50 orphans), and Mbala (Edward Musonda - 250+ orphans).

Many of these Children have lost both parents. All of them are vulnerable and in need of our help.

The Dignity Project seeks to support as many children as possible to have a Christian home to grow up in. This can be done by

Your support provides food, clothing, shelter and schooling. Help HBMZ help the vulnerable children of Zambia.

YOU CAN Support:

  • build a quad-house for $12,000
  • a Family (Widow and 4 orphans) for $150 month
  • Garden Supplies for a gift of $540

Hope Builders Ministries provides the "bridge" for partners in the USA to send support the Dignity Project in Zambia. HBM also provides the USA donor the accountability for their gifts. Jeff Hawkins the Zambia Coordinator for HBM works in Zambia several months of the year. Monthly reports are given through Hope Builders Ministries Zambia. The area District Leaders for HBM provide accountability for those receiving support.

Investing in this indigenous ministry is wise and fruitful stewardship of the resources God entrusts with you.


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