Galatians 1 Part 4

Apr 2, 2021    Mike Sutcliffe
Are you wrestling with the Word of God? Welcome to the club. As we continue our study in Galatians I was amazed to learn that the institutionalized church wrestles with Scripture and Tradition as much as I do. Historically speaking, there has been a fear about putting the Word of God into the hands of common man.

I hope this meesage blesses you and if the LORD causes you to be a blessing in return, there is a link here to support Hope Builders Ministries, Bibles for Disciples. Millions of men, women, and children in Africa, India, and the United States have heard the Gospel of Christ but may not have access to their own copy of the Word.
Bibles for Disciples has put over 600,000 Bibles into the hands of Christians around the world. With your help we can reach even more. The cost of getting a Bible into the hands of a Christian in Africa and India is approximately $15.

what would happen if you put God's Word into the hand of common man? Messiah's name would be glorified, the hopeless would know Hope and those destined for death could find Eternal Life