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Hope Builders Ministries

Multiplying Disciples for Christ around the World

Multiplying Disciples for Christ around the World

Multiplying Disciples for Christ around the WorldMultiplying Disciples for Christ around the World

The Hoopers

Blaine and Anna Hooper have been a part of the HBM team since May of 2016. Their passion is bringing glory to God by making mature disciples of Jesus Christ (1 Cor 10:31; Matt 28:19-20; Col 1:28). 

Blaine is serving as the US Coordinator for the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Anna is serving HBM in discipleship to women. They have been happily married since 2011. 

Blaine spent his childhood on various military bases across the US. In high school his family moved to Accra, Ghana, where God first gave him a heart for African missions.  Blaine attended Rice University, and like his father commissioned in the US Army as an infantry officer upon graduation. In 2010, the Lord redirected his path from the military to ministry when he was severely wounded while leading troops in combat. It was overseas where Blaine learned the value of equipping and multiplying indigenous leaders. After recuperating for two years, Blaine was ordained, and left the Army to attend Dallas Theological Seminary where he graduated with a Masters of Theology.

Anna is proud to be from a family pastors and dedicated servants of Christ. The daughter of a Cuban refugee, she was born and raised in Winter Haven, Florida. Her passion is to serve the Lord by teaching the youth. She holds two degree in teaching from Florida State University and is currently serving as an English teacher at a school for at risk youth in Houston, Texas. 

Blaine and Anna cannot be more excited to serve our Lord by making disciples in Africa and abroad with Hope Builders Ministries!


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