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Hope Builders Ministries


HBM History and Focus


Hope Builders Ministries (HBM) exists to provide Biblically based Disciple-Maker Training to Equip and Empower indigenous spiritual leaders (mostly in rural areas) in Africa and 2 provinces in India, so that they can effectively reach their own people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

This is done by designated pastoral tutors, equipped with curriculum, to conduct seminar style classroom teaching, at a “local venue” within walking distance of the their residences, in their own vernacular, on an after working hours basis. This builds relationships through personal interaction on a regular basis, with practical (hands-on) guidance empowering the new disciples to make other disciples of Christ.

The roll of finding suitable pastoral tutors rests on the shoulders of an indigenous team of leaders. These leaders have completed the training and have been selected to take the students through the three year Diploma Course, maintaining the quality of the training.

Key feed-back for donors: Hope Builders Ministries has the proud record of disbursing 90%+ of the funds you give directly to the programs we support. The single biggest budget item is “Printing” – the (on avarage) 17,000 Training Manuals are printed in South Africa and transported to the 5 Southern African countries.

In the last 2 years (2015, 2016) HBM also printed and distributed 72,000 Bibles from America while buying a further 9,000 local vernacular languagesBibles were bought in-country. Of the total, 25,000 were “Picture Book Bibles” for distribution by the local churches to school children in their villages/congregations. Reaching the “next generation” is crucial.

Join the mission, the Great Commission, and make disciples partnered with Hope Builders Ministries to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.