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The Hawkins

Lets Make Disciples

The mission of HBM is to multiply disciples by making disciples of everyone, everywhere, all the time until Jesus Comes or takes you home. 

This is the vision that changed Jeff and Lou Ann's life. They have been part of Hope Builders since first meeting Johan in the mountains of Kentucky in 2003. Johan spoke at the church Jeff was pastoring and the church subsequently began supporting indigenous ministry in Zambia. 

In 2005 Jeff joined an HBM sponsored mission team to Zambia for two weeks. This initial experience changed his understanding of "missions."  

In 2006 he joined them again for two weeks in Zambia and another 2 weeks in Mozambique. After two months with HBM in Zambia in 2007 he and Lou Ann knew the Lord was making a way for them to join HBM full-time. After 18 years serving as a pastor in Kentucky the Lord made a way for them to partner with HBM full-time in 2008.

Jeff raises support for and represents the ministries of HBM Zambia and HBM India in the USA and coordinates their partnership with HBM USA. He also serves on the HBM board of directors.

Traveling to Zambia  one or two months per year, Jeff works directly with the indigenous partners for accountability, encouragement and to access the needs firsthand. He also conducts Bible Seminars and pastoral training. 

India has become a closed country and has not renewed Jeff's visa since 2015. He continues to work directly with local partners via the internet and frequent phone calls.

Jeff is a veteran having served in the USMC for four years. Jeff and Lou Ann are graduates of Southeastern Bible College, Birmingham, AL.

They are parents of four and grandparents of TEN,  and presently reside  in Texarkana, TX. 

CONTACT JEFF@HBMin.org to speak in your church, small group, Sunday School Class or any gathering of concerned and interested believers who desire to hear more about Indigenous Missions.

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WEBSITE: Help Indigenous Mission

Jeff and Lou Ann Hawkins missionaries with HBM, HBM board member, represents India and Zambia
Jeff and Lou Ann Hawkins missionaries with HBM, HBM board member, represents India and Zambia

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