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Johan Gous

Johan Gous was born and educated in South Africa. His working career in Electrical Engineering (ship building) changed course in 1976 when Brother Andrew of Open Doors issued a challenge for people to assist in serving the church under persecution. At first Johan served in a part-time capacity and later (1982 to the present) in full-time ministry towards reaching the unreached in “the bush” of Africa. He focuses on addressing the most pressing needs of the church in Africa, namely the training of Indigenous leaders. Since 2002 he has fulfilled that role as Africa Director at Hope Builders Ministries. Ministries serviced by Hope Builders have 6,400 pastors and leaders enrolled in a three-year-diploma training program that focuses on teaching "multiplying ministry" principles. The natural consequence of their work is a discipleship program that mentors the leaders to become disciple-makers who reach their own communities for Christ. As part of encouraging local pastors and churches, Johan has led 15 short-term mission trips to several African countries, introducing over 300 Americans to the Ministry work. All of these have focused on one-on-one evangelism by mobilizing and mentoring local people in effective evangelistic efforts.

He became President of Hope Builders in 2010 after being CEO of the Africa Division since 2001.

Johan Gous President of HBM
Johan Gous President of HBM