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Multiplying Disciples for Christ around the World

Multiplying Disciples for Christ around the World

Multiplying Disciples for Christ around the WorldMultiplying Disciples for Christ around the World

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Democratic Republic of Congo



War torn and politically unstable the Cross of Christ brings HOPE

Allen Ilunga Family Serving Democratic Republic of Congo Pastors and Churches


HBM is currently working in the Katanga region of DRC bordering Zambia, an area the size of Texas. Nearly 65 million people are perishing in Congo without an eternal relationship with God by faith in Jesus Christ.DRC's challenges are immense. Though it is rich in resources, DRC remains one of the poorest countries in the world due to its chronic instability, widespread corruption, and rampant violence. The Congolese church is in desperate need of Biblical instruction. The majority of church families lack access to a Bible and the vast majority of pastors have little to no training in Bible study methods, theology, expository preaching and shepherding. As a result, the church is nearly overcome with heretical teachings like works-salvation, the health and wealth 'gospel,' and suffers under the influence of native occult practices and false teachers. 

The true grace Gospel goes largely unpreached in much of the country and many of its 250 people groups are virtually unreached.   

Life in DRC can be difficult.


HBM is working to bring HOPE in Christ to Congo through vibrant partnerships with indigenous church leaders. We are happy to report that a remnant remains who are receiving God's Word with joy and obedience in southern Congo. Over 200 pastors are currently in training in Katanga with hundreds waiting to join as the materials are provided.

Allan Ilunga is the Administrator of HBM DRC

Blaine Hooper is the US Coordinator for DRC representing the ministry in the USA.