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Hope Builders Ministries

Multiplying Disciples for Christ around the World

Multiplying Disciples for Christ around the World

Multiplying Disciples for Christ around the WorldMultiplying Disciples for Christ around the WorldMultiplying Disciples for Christ around the World
Isoka Dignity Project


Providing Dignity to the Vulnerable

The Dignity Project is HBM's focus on saturating entire communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by helping churches, through pastors and Disciple-Makers to serve the most vulnerable people in their community – Widows and Orphans. As the local church develops under the leadership of trained pastors the church is empowered to minister to the entire community by helping widows to cultivate a viable vegetable garden while helping to care for orphans assigned to them by the Pastor. HBM provides the vegetable seed, cultivation tools, watering can and teaches them to improve soil quality by teaching them to make and apply compost.

An outreach to teach good agricultural practises to subsitence farmers in rural communities is also bearing good fruit.

The testimony of Mama Rolinga warms our hearts and we want to share it with our supporters: “I was scratching in trash heaps to try and find food after my husband died. As a widow with no one to help me I had to beg or scrounge for everything. The pastor of our church asked me to look after four street children after he told me that the church was going to give some widows a chance to work in a garden to grow food for them and the children. Now after eight months of growing food and bartering for some things we need the children are doing well and I have my dignity as good member of society back."


YOU Can be a PARTNER and give to the HBM Dignity Project saving and enriching lives to the glory of God.

Dignity Projects



10 years ago Simon Mulenga obeyed the call to Isoka and started training pastors, planted a church and started a ministry to the many vulnerable children.  Today he and his wife Sharon and 5 children continue to serve the Lord and the community with the Gospel of Christ. 

  • 30 churches
  • 48 pastors completed 3 year training course
  • 69 children in Dignity Project

In the northeastern part of the Musenga Province is Isoka located on the African Great North Road. Here Pastor Simon and his family operate a small pre-school and a widows/orphan program. Partnered with HBMZ children are being educated, fed and clothed. A farm project is providing some of the food and revenue. You can help.



Mpulungu is located in the extreme northern part of Zambia and is a port city on Lake Tanganyika. There are many many orphans and widows in this area that is also home to many Muslims. Pastor Daniel Phiri oversees the HBMZ Dignity Project here.

Widow-Orphan Houses


Widows lose their dignity in many cultures and are ignored and cast out of society. HBM, working along side the local indigenous, links widows with orphans to raise and care for in a home with their own garden. Widows become mothers and providers for orphans.

HBM comes alongside the local church to build a "quad-home" or 4 houses built together in a + pattern.