The Davilov Family

Andrey and Lilia

Some of you know that after the Lord saved me and my family back in 1992 in Russia, I almost immediately got involved in ministry and then started pastoring in June of 1994 which I did for 20 years. 

During that period, apart from ministry in my church and my hometown, the Lord used me in releasing many people into ministry as well as restoring some back into ministry. I was involved in planting a number of churches in Russia too. I did a lot of traveling preaching and teaching in many churches. I also thank God for using me to connect multiple churches with some great international ministries that build the Kingdom. 

After my first short term missionary trip I was drawn to ministry in unreached parts of the world. Since then I took ministry trips to Cambodia, Nepal, Bhutan, Vietnam, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan. Being also a Haggai Institute alumnus, I realized that the most effective way of reaching other nations was to teach and release the nationals to do the job. And this is exactly what Hope Builders Ministries has been successfully doing in South African countries and India for many years.

I believe that my 4,5 year break from full-time ministry is finally coming to an end, and that it is the Lord who is opening a new door for me — to join Hope Builders Ministries. 

I humbly ask for your support (monthly if possible) so that I could start getting involved more and more in this ministry. Please consider this an invitation to you to become a partner in our Ministry.


Andrey (Andrew) Danilov

Lilia and Andrey Danilov new members of the HBM TEAM

Lilia and Andrey Danilov new members of the HBM TEAM

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