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Hope Builders Ministries

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    Hope Builders Ministries

    P.O.Box 317, Greenwood, VA 22943



    What can you do


    • Pray for us: Sign up for the HBM Newsletter to focus your prayers.
    • Become an ADVOCATE for HBM in your church, workplace, among family and friends
    • Give Financially
    • Go on an outreach and experience first-hand what HBM is talking about. 
    • Churches can sponsor students-in-training
    • Conduct a Bibles for Disciples Day
    • Invite one of the HBM Team to come and share on Missions and Disciple Making

    Widows and Orphans


    • Supply widowed women leaders with the "tools" and curriculum to effectively reach their villages for the Lord - $30 per month
    • Save at-risk children in "widow families" through the Dignity Project - monthly need $45
    • Supply widows and orphans with the gardening tools and seed needed  to enable them to be productive members in poverty-stricken societies.  $150 One Time Gift
    • Provide Comic Book Bibles for non-readers and children who are "hungry for God's Word" - $5 to buy and deliver a CBB.

    What HBM can do for you


    • HBM will visit your church and share the call to make disciples and what God  is doing to reach Africa and India through Indigenous Believers with  whom you can PARTNER . Your church, Sunday Schools, and small groups can become personally involved in the Great Commission.
    • HBM will assist your church as you host a Bibles for Disciples Day.