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bicycles for missionaries

Disciple Making Tool

In the USA we can not "move" without a car or a pickup, but in Zambia and other countries rural pastors depend upon the bicycle. Many times a bike is the car or pickup for the family. 

This simple and innovative tool is easy to maintain and increases a pastor missionary's mobility by 10! Instead of a two day walk he can cover the distance in a few hours and return home that evening with his family. 

Many pastors will travel 50 miles to attend an HBM conference. This is much easier if they have a bicycle. Many times the roads are not passable for minibuses or other public transport.

HBM's mission is to “Rapidly Win Communities to Christ through Indigenous Disciple Making.”  We increase mission effectiveness by providing these vital tools to missionary pastors.

$250 will purchase a strong heavy duty bicycle for a missionary pastor. It will help his family and his ministry.

Give a bike today. Any amount is appreciated. All gifts are pooled together. So, whatever amount you give will be used for bicycles.


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