Become an Ambassador of Hope

For nearly 40 years, Hope Builders Ministries has trained thousands of Christian men  in Africa and India to become pastors.  We are excited to bring the same tools, resources and opportunity to America though the Ambassadors of Hope program. This self-study program is based on the same model we use effectively in other parts of the world and begins with our "One-Two-Three to the Fourth Generation" model.

One-Two-Three to the Fourth Generation

Jesus said that the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore, ask the LORD of the Harvest to provide the workmen." Today many people are "hearing" the Gospel but few are being "harvested." On the one hand there is great blessing as many people hear and believe the msssage of the Eternal Gospel, but it also exposes a big problem. The Church is not preprared to receive the increasing number of converts and make them into disciple of Jesus Christ.


The Great Commission tells us to make disciples, "Everywhere you go, as you go, until the end of time." HBM has created the Disciple Makers app to provide you with all the tools you needs to effectively share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to help the new believe to become a disciple of Christ who makes disciples for Chist.
The Disciple Makers Program is a 24-week course in foundational Christian truths that are to be taught in a small group setting, called the "One on Three strategy. "  The first 12 lessons, "12-Steps to Christian Maturity" will introduce the disciple of Christ to four critical areas of Christian growth. 1. Becoming a Christian, 2. Becoming Christ's Disciple, 3. Becoming Like Christ, 4. Becoming Christ's Disciple Maker.
The second 12 lessons, Christian Faith Principles Defined will expand upon the Gospel, who Jesus is, and how to live the Chrisitian life victoriously to the glory of Christ and our future with Christ.

Both of these courses must be completed prior to the student advancing to the future courses.

1. 12-Steps to Christian Maturity

The 12-Steps to Chrstian maturity is the essential foundational tool of Hope Builders Ministries. This course provides the student their first opportunity to learn by teaching in a small group setting called the "One on Three strategy."
The fourlearning blocks createa basis for future teaching and include, 1. Becoming a Christian, 2. Becoming Christ's Disciple, 3. Becoming Christ Life, 4. Becoming Christ's Disciple Maker.

All students must lead a 1-on-3 model DMP before advancing to Christian Faith Principles Defined.

2. Christian Faith Priniciples Defined

Learning to walk with Jesus is serious and exciting business. It does not come naturally to human nature. Through this course, students will explore some basic Bible teachings and from them define key Christian faith principles to help them in their walk with Jesus.

Old Testament I

In OT I the student will be introduced to several of the books in the OT including Genesis, Exodus, Levitius,  Numbers, Deuteronomy, and Joshua.
During this couse the student will get familiar with the life of Moses, and the learn about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 

Old Testament II

In OT II the student will continue to study the writings of the Old Testament including Judges, Ruth, Samuel, I&II Kings, Ezra & Nehemiah,  Job, Psalms, Proverbs,  Ecclesiastes and Songs of Solomon