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The "tools" we provide are all focused on enhancing the capacity of each of our colleagues to impact their communities with the Gospel:-

  • bicycle allows a pastor to travel much faster and further increasing his effective work ability by a factor of between 12 and 20 times - and that for $120.
  • Bible, costing $12 to buy and deliver to the discipleship classes, touches the lives of 18 people on average and allows personal growth in faith as never before to the FAMILY of the recipient.
  • Comic Book Bible (264 pages of color pictures of Bible stories) turns non-readers and children into evangelists equipped to share the Gospel - $ 10 provides one.
  • Discipleship training materials (8 modules) costs $643 to print and deliver to the classes where the disciple-makers are trained and equipped to reach their own villages.
  • Motorcycles enable the District Leaders to travel to remote and otherwise unreachable areas to mentor and assist Hub Leaders training other pastors.
  • Bandannas with pictures printed on them depicting Evangelism stories cost $5 to produce.
  • Garden tools (hoe, watering can, shovel), vegetable seeds and composting agents cost about $65 for a widow and 5 orphans to start growing their food.

Your help to provide these TOOLS is urgently needed - it makes a huge difference in the lives of people hungry to HEAR and SHARE the Word of God with their communities.

URGENT NEED: A 4 door truck is needed in ZAMBIA to transport Bibles and Books and other needed resources to pastors and churches in remote areas. It will also serve as a means of transport for national leaders and international trainers traveling to encourage and teach leaders in remote areas that are impossible to get there otherwise. $30,000 is needed. Email for more information

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