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Bibles for Disciples

Surveys done by Bible Societies estimate that some 200 million CHRISITANS in Africa do not have access to a Bible. Bibles for Disciples  is working to bring the most basic element of our faith, the BIBLE...

Dignity Project

Our goal is to saturate entire communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by helping church members become Disciple-Makers. Included are the most vulnerable people in the community – Widows and Orphans. As the church develops under the leadership of trained pastors the church is empowered to minister to...

Hub Sponsorship

The Hub concept forms the basis upon which our entire Ministry operates as we serve rural communities in Africa. Approaches for community participation are only made by local Pastors who, through establishing village Discipleship groups that will grow into village churches as classes are set up to train Disciple-Makers...

Lydia Circle

Lydia Circle teaches women how to evangelize to women in their own families, in their churches, and in their villages.  Tools are given to each pastor wife or leaders’ wife who attend a Lydia Circle conference.  They are required to first teach their families how to use the...

Makua Project

The Makua Peoples of Northern Mozambique: When a Missionary Church Pastor from Michigan read about HBM in a Missionary Magazine article, called The Harvest Machine, he was struck by the multiplying factor and greatly saddened by the fact that our resources only took us as far as the Zambezi River...

Pastor Training

Fulfilling the Great Commission through Disciple-Makers. Our vision of reaching Africa for Jesus Christ, in collaboration with PARTNER MINISTRIES in Africa is progressing well and we are seeing our Hub-model Saturation Disciple-Making Strategy achieving results that are beyond our own expectations. We are currently working in Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia and...


The "tools" we provide are all focused on enhancing the capacity of each of our colleagues to impact their communities with the Gospel. Your help to provide these TOOLS is urgently needed - it makes a huge difference in the lives of people hungry to HEAR and SHARE the Word of God with their communities.


Family Film Fund

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