Saturday, March 25th, 2017

Emergency Medical Fund

From time to time there are emergencies on the field in Africa or India or here at home.

The Emergency Medical Fund is for the purpose of helping our partners in a time of crisis. This year Pastor Simon Mulenga's wife Sharon had a brain tumor. Hope Builders Ministries was able to provide the funds needed to for her to receive the surgery needed. Otherwise she would have died leaving Simon and their 6 children. 

The Late Pastor Edward MusondaThis year 2016 there have also be several funerals that our ministry partners would have been over burdened for. As here, funerals are very expensive and create a large burden on the families of the deceased.
With this emergency fund HBM has been able to help these three families bury their loved one with dignity and with no perpetual financial burden.

USE this form to donate to Hope Builders Ministries Emergency Medical Fund


P.O. Box 317
Greenwood, VA 22943
Phone: 434-825-7661

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