Hope Builders Ministries (HBM) developed from The Calling (2 Timothy 2:2) received by four men working with Open Doors in Southern Africa in 1984. Project Timothy was begun to address the acute shortage of pastors in Mozambique. That country's on-going civil war had impoverished it to "poorest country in the world" status. Pastors had been specifically targeted because they " had control over people". Able bodied men potentially are fighters for one of the armies.

Project Timothy later became Timothy Training Institute as it grew into an independent ministry in 1990 and spread to all the countries Hope Builders Ministries reaches today. The HBM program has since been adjusted to accommodate the needs of the constituency we have been called to serve -- the "bush" of rural Africa where virtually nobody provides the training or "tools" for indigenous leaders to EFFECTIVELY reach their own people for Christ.

In 2001 Hope Builders was established in the US to partner with these indigenous ministries as the projects grew.

Hope Builders partnered in planting just over 11,000 village churches in eight African countries since 2001. We enrolled pastoral leaders in a three-year Pastors' Training Program, a diploma course completed by 25,000 graduates (over and above the 13,000 students served between 1985 and 2001 by Timothy Training Institute).

Through our Bibles for Disciples program, nearly 600,000 Bibles have been distributed to faithful disciples through our network of indigenous partner churches (many in their native languages).

Through our Dignity Projects thousands of orphans have received sustained material and spiritual care while hundreds of widows have been trained and equipped to care for these orphans. This is done in their local churches, under the supervision of the local Pastor.

Bibles, bicycles, motorcycles, evangelism tracts, Jesus Film kits, thousands of study modules, vegetable seed and garden tools are some of the gifts referred to as "tools" provided by our donors who partner with us to serve thousands of people who are hungry for the Word.

If you delight in the idea of rapidly winning whole communities to Christ in these rural areas, we invite you to join us in this exciting and fruitful ministry!