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Located in the center of Sub-Sahara Africa, Zambia is the size of Texas, half the size of Europe and the home of over 15 million souls, speaking 72 different languages, land locked by 8 other countries, and hungry for the Word of God. It is the home of one of the 7 Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls, seen by David Livingstone on November 16, 1855, but known for thousands of years by the indigenous people as "Mosi-oa-tunya" - The Smoke That Thunders.

Zambia is a beautiful land filled with joy and sadness. The joy is seen in the Zambian smile and the sadness is seen in the millions of "at risk" children, many of whom have no living parent. 6 million souls are under the age of 17 in Zambia. Though Zambia is a self-proclaimed Christian nation traditional religion, Islam, and numerous "christian" cults compete for their souls. All lead them to eternal death. Only Jesus Christ and His Gospel can give them eternal life.

Working together with the Indigenous Believers in Zambia Hope Builders Ministries goal is to "strategically saturate the country with Bible believing churches who have trained pastors and members in discipleship by God's Grace and to God's Glory."

The HUB Church planting model is the strategy used to saturate an area with Bible believing churches with trained pastors. The Hub Church serves as the resource center for up to 40 pastors and will help make up to 10,000 disciples of Jesus Christ.

Many pastors testify to the blessing they and their church receive from being trained. “In the past my sermons were taken from many different places in the Bible. Even I sometimes lost the thread of the message. The good Bible knowledge and sermon making skills have now combined and my effectiveness as a Pastor so my congregation increased. They testify and we can see in their lives how they are growing in their walk with Jesus as their Savior”.

TODAY Hope Builders Ministries partnered with HBMZambia is training over 2000 pastors! 

Jeff Hawkins serves as the Zambia Coordinator for Hope Builders Ministries. 


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