Stephen Prasad - India

Greetings in the Precious Name of Our Saviour Jesus Christ. My name is Bro.P.Stephen Prasad; I was born and brought up in a normal Hindu family on 9th November 1975. I hail from Scindia of Gandhigram Mandal, Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh. I knew of Jesus Christ as one of the millions of gods and I would also worship other Hindu gods, which are idols, and followed their customs.. I was against the Christianity of Christ and I would not attend outside prayers being conducted in my area. Instead I would complain and grumble to them not to do all such things.

One day my right hand fractured because of an accident and I went to the hospital. My hand was put into a cast but even after four months the pain was still very bad. One day a Christian lady came to me and told me about Jesus Christ and also that He is the Healer. I argued with her and criticized her. She wrote out a Scritpure for me and told me to read it and I did  before bed that night. That very night I dreamed that someone's hand came to me and touch me. I was very afraid, but then I saw a vision of Jesus on the cross.  The note that she gave me was this verse in Isaiah 41:13 "For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you." From that day I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. That was in 1994. And my hand was healed! Praise the Lord!
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I was the first in my family to believe in Christ; I am the youngest. After accepting Jesus Christ I was baptized at the age of 18 years. I continued praying, and slowly, one by one, God has changed my whole family and they have all become Christians.  Act 16:31!  After three years my parents accepted Jesus Christ After 3 Years. I went on and completed a Master of Business Administration in the Year of 2003. I have had many opportunity to get a good job, but I chose a Heavenly Job instead and to work fulltime for Jesus Christ and His Kingdom to win souls and make disciples.

I Have been active in Ministry since 1998. By the Grace of God I met Pastor Jeff Hawkins in the Year of 2008 through the internet.  At that time I was trying to train over 500 other pastors. Pastor Jeff told me that it was impossible for me to train that many men by myself. He began to teach me about Disciple making Methods and training other key leaders to partner with me. This inspired me to make many Disciples In India.  Also in my preaching I was only Concentrating on evangelism.  When I learned about One On 3 Disciple Making Method from Pastor Jeff I Started  organizing Hub Groups among Many Villege pastors and teaching them the One2Three Disciple Making Method .
My Wife's name is Glory Priya. She was Born In a Hindhu family and Her parents were Idol worshipers like I was before I became a Christian. When she was a child she regularly went to Sunday school Programs with Christain Friends. By the Grace of God when her fatherbecame very sick and ready for Death she leads him to the Church and the pastor prayed for Him. God healed her Dad and by that Way her family came to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Today, my wife and I are involved with HBM to Make the Disciples in every corner of India. Up to this time I have been able to form  2000  hub groups all over india with the 
help of Hope Builder Ministries and Pastor Jeff Hawkins' encouragement.  This Ministry Is reaching many Unreached areas to Equip the Pastors and Churches with the 
​Word of God and encourage them to Make Disciples.