Pastor Justin's Testimony

Dear beloved
I would like to share my testimony before and after joining HBM.
It was by grace that I was introduced  to HBM by Pastor Michael in Mazabuka. He taught me through the twelve Calvary Academics pastoral training manuals.

When i started studying the Old Testament and the New Testament I discovered that one cannot understand the New without comprehending the Old. I have also come to understand that as a pastor I will not be effective without support from my wife and my children. HBM has taught me to study the word correctly. My Church and family ministry  will never be the same. I have come to understand that the greatest work our Lord Jesus Christ has left for me is to make disciples. Without this our churches will never grow. HBM has a heart for Africa and their
desire is to make sure we as pastors are empowered in every way by the Word of Truth.

Therefore, I would like to thank HBM and HBMZ for making me who I am today.

I also thank Violet, my lovely,  and my children for the support they are giving me.

Thank you.
Justine chiwila