Missionaries, who and why?

The practice of “sending missionaries to foreign lands” has been going on for centuries. Although the reasons for doing so are not in question it is also true that the WAYS of outreach have not kept pace with developments “on the ground.” Some small adjustments have been made but the biggest question, “What is the role of those believers in the countries the missionaries went to?” Especially important is to explore the questions of Efficiency and Effectiveness of this MODEL of outreach.

Effectiveness: The three major obstacles for foreign missionaries are, 1. The time spent on learning a new language; 2. Mastering the cultural differences (pitfalls); 3. Gaining trust relationships with the local population. Overcoming these obstacles can take years before the actual delivery of the Gospel can begin. 

Efficiency: The annual bill to keep a family in the field runs into the hundred thousand Dollar range, while the general result for hard working missionaries is about 120 people being served by the couple, at the end of four years – EVERYTHING hangs on the initiative of the missionary. The recipients sit back waiting to be “served.”  

By Equipping local Christian leaders (fruit of the foreign missionary’s work), who have a calling to be Disciples of Christ and Empowering them to reach out to their own people, in their own language, in harmony with their own culture, BOTH Effectiveness and Efficiency are enhanced significantly. 

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