Door to Door in Zambia

Report from Pastor Robinson Muzeya
Murundu, Zambia

Dear brethren,

Iwould like to report on the HBM Calvary Academics Bible School graduating students Evangelism Practicals. On 7th October 2017  we continued with the door to door evangelism program in the area called "Sections" in Mufulira Town.
We spent the whole day there beginning early and finishing late. As a result a big area was covered. It's always a very interesting situation, hard when starting off into the field, but enjoyable once you are already on the ground and in the field harvesting.

This is the time one realizes how much work we have as believers today. As long as we're not ready to go, we can never understand how much work God has for us to do.  We experience God's plan when we "go" to make desciples.

In all we visted 10 families ( homes) and won 8 souls to C​hrist!

The greatest challege we had concerned the wrong Doctrine even professing believers, who could not explain the Gospel and give a clear answser to the question about how to be saved from sin. This experience reminds us to be intentional in the Disciple Makers Program with HBMZ. The children of God need to be well versed in the Scriptures so as to NOT be swept away by "every wind of doctrine" blowing all around us. Believers should not be ignorant of the saving grace of God in Christ.

We have started teaching the DMP on Wednesday every week in our church. Most churches have very wrong doctrines today. The DMP teachings on Becoming a Christian and Growing to Maturity will help so much. They are already helping.

People we visit are very inteterested to hear about our teachings and they ask many questions about the Bible and also "to which church do you go?"

We really thank God for what he's doing in our midst in Jesus Name.

God bless you all.