Disciple Making in Kabompo

Kabompo, Zambia

Pastor Mananase (a third year student with HBMZ pastoral training) is conducting the Disciple Makers Program in his church. This program focuses on teaching basic Bible truths that are foundational to the Christian life. It is a 6 month program. In their time together they will become more confident to share their faith because they understand their faith, faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God and walking according to what the Lord tells us. These students (disciples) are growing in the faith. Before they finish the program they will be encouraged and challenged to find THREE that they can disciple and share these Truths of God's Word with. As they are mentored and encouraged they will become more confident to share their faith and mentor others in the faith. The pastor will no longer be the only one going into the community with the precious message of the Gospel of God's grace in Christ Jesus. The individuals will grow in the grace and knowledge of the LORD and the Church will grow as others are brought to faith and grow. The church will become more and more mature as believers grow from children in faith to mature believers. Praise the Lord!

Pray for Pastor Mananase and this Kabompo church is praying for iron sheets for their church building they are building on their own. They are making and burning their own bricks. $1000 is needed to finish the building with roofing, doors and windows. SHARE HERE